Health and social care research assists in the development of new treatments, therapies and tests that can improve health and wellbeing.

NHS Tayside provides health services to a population of over 400,000 and so we aim to ensure that Patients and the Public become aware that NHS Tayside:

  • is fully research active
  • provides opportunities for Patients and the Public to have opportunities to engage in research through:
    • Participation - actively taking part in research studies
    • Engagement - increased awareness of the healthcare research taking place within Tayside
    • Involvement - helping identify research priorities, becoming members of advisory and steering groups


Your doctor or specialist nurse can tell you about current research studies. Additionally, information on participation can be found in various places on the web:

If you are currently a participant in a clinical trial, participation in medical trials is classed as a reasonable excuse to leave home. 

This is specifically referenced in the Scottish Government Coronavirus (COVID-19) stay at home guidance.


When Patients and members of the Public have a central role, the quality and impact of health and social care research is improved. To this end, our vision is that all health and social care research in Tayside is carried out 'With People, For People'.

Involvement should be mutually rewarding, educational, valuable and help drive forward healthcare research in Scotland. Examples of involvement in research activities include sitting a lay member on an advisory group, helping to decide research priorities, and reviewing study information for participants. All members of our community can help to increase research participation, engagement and Patient and Public Involvement, including:

  • patients who wish to share their experience of illness, and health and social care
  • research participants who wish to share their experience of research participation
  • local people who fundraise for health charities to forge links between the money raised and the work carried out
  • Tayside researchers, the Public and others indirectly involved with health and social care research to develop common goals and priorities

Find out more about TASC Patients and Public involvement. If you are interested, please email  

Benefits of public involvement and engagement

Public involvement and engagement benefits for individuals and health and social care providers, and can increase:

  • health knowledge
  • research knowledge
  • the relevance and quality of health and social care research
  • health and wellbeing

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Principles for increasing public research involvement in Tayside

The principles for increasing Tayside Public research involvement are aligned with the UK-wide Public involvement in research standards.

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