We offer a wide range of core and optional modules, meaning that you can tailor your qualification to your own interests. You can take one optional module on this course.

Content is available online. You will work through it carrying out a series of assessed, self-study, and group tasks. You will be given the opportunity to communicate with your fellow students via the discussion board and to work on embedded source material.

You will always have a subject expert as your tutor and many tutors will also offer voluntary webinar sessions.

You will be given opportunity to compare and contrast best practice against where you work or volunteer.


Assessment is carried out via coursework and discussion board participation. There are variations across modules however weighting is usually as follows:

  • 2 x final assignment = 30% each
  • assessed tasks = 30%
  • discussion board participation = 10%

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This list should give you a good idea of which modules you can take, however it may change before you begin your course, and may not show all available modules.

Module list

Core modules

These modules are an essential part of your course.

RM50006 - Principles and Practice of Records Management

RM50011 - Complying with Information Legislation: Principles & Practice

RM50031 - The Theory and Context of Record Keeping

Optional modules

You need to choose one or more of these modules as part of your course.

RM50001 - Archive Services, Access & Preservation

RM50007 - Scots Palaeography & Diplomatic

RM50008 - Skills & Sources for Family & Local History in Scotland

RM50012 - Skills & Sources for Family & Local History in England

RM50013 - Cataloguing in a Digital Age

RM50017 - Management and Preservation of Digital Records

RM50018 - Preservation and Disaster Management

RM50019 - Metadata Standards and Information Taxonomies

RM50020 - Business Archive and Records

RM50024 - Ecclesiastical Archives

RM50027 - English Palaeography & Diplomatic

RM50028 - Heraldry

RM50030 - Understanding and Managing Rare Books

RM50032 - Understanding Latin in Documents and Archives

RM50033 - Understanding and Reading Latin

RM50035 - House History

RM50036 - Military Archives

RM50037 - Public History

RM50039 - Oral History

RM50040 - Copyright for Information Professionals

RM51001 - Archive Management: Principles and Practice

RM51005 - Electronic Records Management

RM51006 - Sound and Vision: Managing and Preserving Photographs, Film and Sound

RM51008 - Principles and Practice of Information Legislation: General Data Protection Regulations and Privacy Rights

RM51009 - Principles and Practice of Information Legislation: Freedom of Information and Access Rights

RM52001 - Basic Latin for Archivists and Researchers

RM52002 - Disaster Management for Information Professionals

RM52003 - Preservation for Information Professionals

RM50044 Leading Change for Information Professionals

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