Preservation and Disaster Management module (RM50018)

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Preservation and Disaster Management this is a combined modules consisting of the above two modules:

Preservation for Information Professionals (can be combined with Disaster Management for Information Professionals)

Preservation theory: the principles of preservation; understanding archival materials; threats to collectionsPreparing for action: storage and environment; archive surveys; archive formats; identification and storagePreservation in practice: handling records; working with conservators and allied professionals; digital preservation and the creation of surrogates; special circumstances

Disaster Management for Information Professionals (can be combined with Preservation for Information Professionals)

Risk management and business continuity: designing a disaster plan; environmental control; identifying and understanding risksPreparedness: appointing a disaster team; setting priorities; emergency operation plan; types of disaster; security; staff training and disaster simulationResponse and recovery: formulating systems for response and recovery

Number of credits

20 SCQF credits (10 ECTS credits) on Level 5, SHE M (SCQF 11)


Zoe Reid