Leading Change for Information Professionals module (RM50044)

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Leading Change for Information Professionals

Through applied examples, rooted in the heritage and cultural sector, this module aims to explore change leadership for information professionals; tools, practicalities and creative strategic thinking.

Upon completion of the module you will have acquired a solid understanding of the phases of leading change and how to apply them effectively.  

The term Information Professionals encompasses a wide range of professional disciplines and you will consider a range of case studies relevant to these such as service remodelling due to budget changes, project development and fundraising, designing and implementing records management regimes, mass-digitisation efforts, capital projects and movement of collections, governance changes, assessing and implementing collections’ care regimes.    

You will have an appreciation of the range of relevant advice, guidance and tools available to you within the record-keeping sector and beyond giving you a broad, sector-specific toolkit and the knowledge and confidence to lead change effectively within your own professional context.   

Weekly topics may include:

  • Thinking about mission
  • Where are you now?
  • Define the change/project/what does success look like?/planning
  • Outcomes/outputs
  • Stakeholder/audience/environment analysis
  • Finances/fundraising
  • Making the business case
  • Staff/staffing/team dynamics
  • Communications
  • Risk management
  • Self-care, allies, peers, critical friends
  • Project delivery
  • Finishing/implementation
  • Evaluation
  • Reflection, learning, communications


Melinda Haunton
Louise Ray