We will teach you through

  • lectures
  • workshops
  • tutorials/seminars
  • group-work
  • student presentations.

Typically, lectures are larger classes as they may contain students from across a range of degrees. Topics covered during lectures can then be discussed and debated further in tutorial/seminars, which are typically much smaller classes, up to 25/30 students, allowing more interaction and opportunity to learn further.


Many of our teaching sessions focus on employability, including guest lectures from industry professionals and industry-run workshops. In previous years we have partnered with EY, BlackRock and IBM, to deliver guest lectures and workshops to give our students first-hand experience of what is required in industry. We also gain the support from a large number of local and national SME’s who offer consultancy projects for our students to work on. These are designed to add to your teaching and offer you more opportunities to plan for your future career by learning directly from business professionals.

We also encourage group work, group projects, student poster presentations and other methods which help to build student confidence and prepare for the business world.


Assessments will vary depending on your choice of modules and may include

  • coursework
  • exams
  • group projects
  • presentations

Some of these are submitted during the semester and others may take place at the end of a semester.

Coursework usually accounts for between 40-50% of the overall degree. This will depend on your final choice of modules.

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