Data Visualization for Business module (BU51037)

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The course provides the first principles of data visualisation. The theory of data visualisation is explored with corresponding applications in Excel, Power BI, and Rstudio.

Visualization is an important skill for showcasing data in everyday life. Every layer of management routinely makes use of techniques to illustrate quantitative data. The module seeks to introduce enrolled individuals to techniques of visualisations and the development of visualisations.

The materials covered in the module:

  • Introduction to data visualisation and techniques.
  • Data Ethics
  • Principles of data visualisation (dimensions, storytelling, design, colour, lying with statistics) and communication for the right audience.
  • Accessing, organising and managing data using advanced excel.
  • Creating visualisation from dashboards such as Power BI (some forecasting and predictive analytics)
  • Advanced visualisation for Managers using tidyverse/ Rstudio