Waves and Mechanics module (PH12005)

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The module extends the knowledge you acquired in EG11008 Mechanics and covers core areas of classical physics, including equilibrium and elasticity, fluid mechanics, periodic motion, and mechanical waves. The module is appropriate for both engineering and physics students. 

Topics include: 

  • Equilibrium and elasticity: in EG11008, you learned how objects accelerate in response to the forces acting on them. In this module, you will learn how to ensure that objects don’t accelerate (e.g. buildings should not topple over).   

  • Fluid mechanics: fluids include liquids and gases, which exist everywhere around us. You will study fluids at rest in and in motion.   

  • Periodic motion: many kinds of motion repeat, for example, the pendulum of a grandfather clock and the pistons in a car engine. You will study periodic motion and learn why oscillations die down with time. 

  • Mechanical waves: mechanical waves travel within a medium, for example, sound waves and seismic waves. You will learn how to describe mechanical waves by using sinusoids.    


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