Internship module (AG22037)

Take part in a 30-hour internship alongside timetabled classes where you can develop your transferable/graduate skills and gain valuable work experience.

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It is important to graduate from university with more than just a degree, however it is not always easy to find time in a busy student calendar to gain appropriate work experience.

This module provides valuable work experience through a 30-hour internship project which fits around your studies.

You will be supported in choosing an internship provided by the Careers Service, who can provide a range of opportunities across different organisations in the public, private, and charities sectors.

You can also be supported should you wish to source your own internship.

Previous internships providers include local and national charities, small businesses, financial organisations, universities, political parties, museums, local councils, and schools.

Alongside your internship, you will attend interactive seminars on topics aimed at ensuring you get the most from your internship and reflect on your future career plans.

The module will cover 4 main themes.

  1. Placement sourcing and application support
  2. Preparing for the module and placement
  3. Making the most of time on placement
  4. Career Planning

What you will learn

In this module, you will:

  • be given the opportunity to add to your CV during the semester while building transferable skills
  • learn how to relate key employability concepts directly to your future career journey
  • explore current developments in the graduate employability landscape
  • set meaningful personal and professional goals to aid your career development

By the end of the module you will be able to:

  • analyse employer requirements and be able to articulate your skills and experience related to these
  • effectively demonstrate your professional skills in a work environment
  • critically reflect on the learning activities and experiences from your internship
  • create an individual learning plan to identify meaningful personal and professional goals

Assignments / assessment: 

Completion of the 30-hour internship is required to pass this module.

Assignment 1: Skills Framework Audit and Internship Placement Goal Setting – 1,000 words - 40%

  • Given in Week 1
  • Due in Week 4

Assignment 2: Internship Report -2,000 words - 45%

  • Given in Week 1
  • Due in Week 10

Assignment 3: Internship Module Hourly Log- 15%

  • Given in Week 1
  • Due in Week 11

This module does not have a final exam.

Teaching methods / timetable

Week Topics Covered

Introduction to the module & internships

Assignment Overview, Setting expectations, Skills Framework Exercise, Professionalism on placement

2 Reflective Writing & Goal Setting
3 Organisational Culture & Your Personality
4 Internship Catchup & Transferable Skills
5 Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace
6 Reading Week
7 Wellbeing & Resilience
8 Updating your CV & Cover letters
9 Personal branding, Getting Started with LinkedIn and the hidden jobs market
10 Future World of Work , Career Planning & Decision making
11 Module Recap, Next Steps, Module Evaluation – Employer Networking event

The approach to teaching and learning involves seminar style lectures and workshop/tutorial type sessions to encourage class discussion. Material is covered in class sessions and through online resources. 

Module availability

In addition to those shown below, this module is open to any student where their degree pathway allows. Please speak to your Adviser of Studies if you are interested in this module.


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