Philosophy and Psychology MA (Hons)

School of Humanities

Combine philosophy with the study of how the human mind works and apply this knowledge to psychology

Date of entry

September 2022



Start date

September 2022


4 years

Study mode

Full Time


Dundee City Campus

On this course you will be encouraged to make links between philosophy and psychology. We specialise in continental (European) philosophy and teach key texts from the European tradition.

We help you look at how philosophy is important to real-world concerns and contemporary issues by, exploring films and artwork, discussing important scientific and technological developments, debating controversial ethical issues, and looking at how texts written 300 years ago can be relevant to political situations today

You'll receive a grounding in ancient and modern philosophy and be introduced to fundamental ideas concerning ethics, epistemology (the nature of knowledge) and metaphysics (the nature of reality), before specialising in areas that suit your own interests

Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour. Topics we cover include how babies learn, the way in which people's mental skills change as they grow older, various personalities and how social group dynamics work. You will also study different psychological disorders.

In addition to exploring these aspects of human nature, you will learn how to think critically and to solve problems. We will teach you to analyse data, write clearly and effectively, and be a confident communicator of science. You will learn how to plan, implement and analyse your own research project.

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