Research divisions and centres in the School of Medicine

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Cellular Medicine

The aim of the Division of Cellular Medicine is to understand the cellular mechanisms that underlie human diseases, such as cancer, diabetes and neurodegeneration and to translate this research towards improved prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease in patients.

Division of Cellular Medicine

Imaging Science and Technology

The Imaging Science and Technology theme brings together invention, innovation and application of technologies relevant to a diverse range of body systems and disease processes.

Division of Imaging Science and Technology

Molecular and Clinical Medicine

The Molecular and Clinical Medicine theme focuses on the pathogenesis and the treatment of cardiovascular disease and respiratory medicine.

Division of Molecular and Clinical Medicine

Population Health and Genomics

The Population Health and Genomics theme aims to improve population health through our core activities.

Division of Population Health and Genomics

Systems Medicine

A multidisciplinary faculty comprising clinicians and basic scientists studying the systems of the human body with the aim of developing a deeper understanding of health and disease, diagnostics and/or treatment interventions.

Division of Systems Medicine

Centre for Medical Education

Research and scholarly activity within CME is organised in four broad research clusters based on research interests within the team.

Research at the Centre for Medical Education