Division of Cellular Medicine

A translational research division that harnesses new discoveries in fundamental biology for the development of better and more precise treatment of patients

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Our research covers a variety of diseases including cancer, diabetes, obesity, liver disease and neurodegenerative disease. The Division has a leading international reputation for its research into how cells and tissues respond to stress caused by disease and also in response to treatment. This includes studies of the cell cycle, chromosome instability, the anti-oxidant response and metabolic reprogramming, stress signalling pathways, DNA repair and insulin resistance

In partnership with researchers across the University of Dundee as well as biomedical and pharmaceutical companies, our goals are to understand the mechanisms through which different drugs and treatments work, to identify the factors that affect how individual patients respond to their treatment and to determine ways to prevent patients becoming resistant to treatment.

Our research is funded by major UK research councils including the MRC and BBSRC, from charities such as Cancer Research UK, Diabetes UK and Worldwide Cancer Research, from government organizations such as the Chief Scientists Office as well as from commercial partnerships.

The Division is also committed to the education and development of the next generation of research leaders through research-led teaching of undergraduate medical and biomedical students as well as its postgraduate Master’s and PhD research programmes.

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Professor (Teaching and Research)

Professor Sutherland’s research focusses on the molecular and physiological causes of all forms of diabetes and how they impact health care. He runs a lab-based research team with expertise in biochemistry, biomarkers and drug mechanisms. He also contributes to the management of NHS Scotland Diabetes Prevention and Remission Programmes.


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