Commercialisation and impact in Medicine

Our scientists are at the forefront of understanding the molecular pathology of human disease, with leadership bridging the interface of basic science and clinical medicine

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We bring together a unique blend of cellular medicine, clinical insight, data science and whole pathway innovation to create the perfect platform to research, innovate and test solutions designed to improve the lives of our global citizens.

Our clinical researchers are data-focused, and they understand the importance and value of routinely collected healthcare data and the power it has to change the way we diagnose and treat patients across a range of debilitating conditions such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

It is this collaborative ecosystem across our research disciplines – as well as our special relationship with NHS Tayside – that attracts stakeholders to work with us, and has enabled us to deliver both commercial and clinical impact year on year.

Data-driven healthcare

We are focused on data-driven solutions for advancing the detection of disease and designing stratified treatment solutions that improve patient outcomes.  Dundee and NHS Tayside have invested significantly in the development of the Health Informatics Centre, now housing over 50 data scientists working with complex healthcare data, across imaging, prescribing and biometric data. 

The SHARE programme, a national database of biometric data was created in Dundee and combines routinely-collected healthcare data with consented blood samples from around 300,000 patients across Scotland. This genomic resource, linked to comprehensive and highly detailed longitudinal electronic medical records, generates new and pivotal insight into the pathogenesis of diseases and new drug targets.

Our data capabilities and secure infrastructure combined with clinical excellence attracts both global industry and smaller innovative enterprises to partner with us across a range of research themes including biomarker discovery and AI advancements in healthcare.

Healthcare by design

We offer our partners a thriving innovation landscape where designers, creative thinkers, engineers, clinicians, and business minds work together to develop the next generation of medical technologies.

Our clinical expertise in minimally invasive surgery and image-guided therapy provides industry direct access to expert knowledge to help advise, build, and test products within the patient pathway to demonstrate real benefit to the provider.

There has been significant growth in our collaborative medical device activity with industry over the last three years. This set to grow dramatically following the announcement of a £25m investment from the Scottish Government to grow the Tayside Biomedical Cluster with a focus on stimulating innovation and enterprise in the region.

Modelling disease

Our disease modelling research is led by our fundamental researchers in partnership with our clinical leads. Projects span the interface between biochemistry and whole-body physiology, providing a perfect platform to develop novel ways to fight disease with real clinical benefit. From modelling tumour progression using complex mathematics to monitoring the effect of medicines on disease, Dundee has become a major centre for translational medicine.

Our research is focused on the most challenging of chronic diseases that have significant impact on both our health and economy. This includes diabetes, heart disease and cancer, and spans multiple branches of medicine from pharmacology to epidemiology.

Our expertise leads into to the design and management of both randomised controlled clinical trials and large multi-centre studies.  

The Tayside Medical Science Centre (TASC) is one of Europe’s leading drug trial sites, offering its many industry partners a trusted, high quality, and innovative clinical research environment that offers end-to-end support across the trial lifecycle. In the last five years alone, TASC has taken part in over 170 commercial research studies that generated £7million further investment into the research infrastructure at Dundee.  Industry partners come to Tayside for reliable patient recruitment times, world-leading clinical expertise and over a decade of experience in delivering best-in-class research.