Associate ISE membership

Prices for the Associate ISE membership.

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One of our graduates? Spouse of staff or UoD student member? Retired member of staff? NHS employee? Fire & Rescue Scotland employee? Member of staff at another further or higher education institution? Police Scotland employee? Work for the University but don’t have a staff card? Then you’re officially one of our associates.

Sport & Exercise

£35.75 per month / £399 per year

  • Access to all sport
  • Access to swimming and sauna (see swimming timetable for availability)
  • Access to members only gym and SPC (see timetable)
  • Access to exercise classes

£24.75 per month / £266.75 per year

  • Access to members only gym and SPC
  • Access to exercise classes

£16.75 per month / £183.75 per year

  • Access to all sport
  • Access to swimming and sauna (see swimming timetable for availability)

Get the ISE app

Exercise classes and racquet sports can be booked directly from your smartphone via the ISE app. You can also view up to date timetable information as well as useful news and information.

Download for iOS

Download for Android 7.1+

Once downloaded you will need to request a password reset which will be sent to the email we have for you on the system. This email has to match precisely and once reset you can book sessions up to three days in advance and cancel up to an hour before, so as to not incur a no-show fee. 

Membership information

Please read our physical activity readiness questionnaire‌. If you should answer yes to any of the questions, please print a form or collect one from reception and complete this when taking out a membership.

For any membership queries or membership changes please contact Stuart McFarlane by email or call on +44 (0)1382 384119. If you wish to cancel your direct debit membership, please send an email giving 1 months notice.

All ISE memberships are subject to our terms and conditions.

Direct debit

To set up a direct debit, please complete a membership form and direct debit mandate at ISE reception. There will be a small charge to pay, this covers your membership subscription until the first direct debit is taken from your account.

  • You need to have a UK bank account that is able to accept direct debit payments.
  • Payments are taken on the fifth (or next working day) of each month.
  • You must have the funds available in your account to make your payments. If you do not, you will still be liable to make payment by cash or card at ISE reception, you may also be charged by your bank for a direct debit default. Access to the Institute will not be permitted until payment is made.
  • If you default on your direct debit payment you will have until 15th of that month to make the outstanding payment to ISE reception. If payment is not received by the 15th your membership will be cancelled immediately and you won’t be able to sign up to future direct debit memberships, you will also be charged a £25 re-joining fee when signing up to any membership in future.
  • Your membership and payment will continue until your membership is cancelled.
  • Payments cannot be rolled over and collected in subsequent months.

You can pay by credit or debit card at ISE reception or on our Online Joining Portal.

Recurring card payment

To set up a membership paid monthly by credit or debit card, please use our online joining portal. We are unable to set these up at reception as the card details must be processed securely.

  • You will need an active credit or debit card to set up recurring card payment.
  • An initial payment of 1 month will be made when creating your membership, subsequent payments will be taken on the same day every month until you request cancellation.
  • If a payment fails, another attempt will be made to collect the payment. If subsequent payment attempts also fail you will receive an email asking you to make payment via an alternative method, which must be made before you can access the facilities.
  • You card details can be updated in the My Account page. You will need to change these if your card is lost or stolen, expired, your card provider has change supplier (e.g. Visa to Mastercard) or you change your bank account and have received a new card.

Cancellation period

There is a one month cancellation period for memberships paid by direct debit or recurring card payment instalments. Please send an email to request cancellation of your membership.