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Average cost of private rent in Dundee is 45% less than Edinburgh, and 20% less than the Scottish national average (Citylets Rental Report Q4, 2018)

Street in Dundee

We estimate that your living costs will range from £7,000 to £8,000 per academic year (39 weeks), but your own expenditure will depend on your lifestyle and the funds available to you.

You will spend more than normal in your first week or two as you get settled, but your expenditure will soon settle down, allowing you to manage your weekly budget carefully.

Tier 4 Visa students

The minimum living expenses required by UK Visas & Immigration (October 2019 guidance) is £1,015 per month of study. You should check you have the correct amount in your bank account before applying for your visa.

Average private accommodation rent

1 bed £411
2 bed £611
3 bed £834
4 bed £1,168

Figures from Citylets Rental Report Q3, 2019

Average monthly costs for students

According to Which? magazine, the average monthly costs for UK students are as follows.

Transport £80
Food shop £74
Interests and hobbies £46
Water, gas, electricity £46
Takeaways and snacks £26

These are based on the figures from the Office of National Statistics Living Costs and Food Survey.

Figures for Dundee are similar to the national average, however there are some differences that make Dundee cheaper than other cities.

  • Unlike England and Wales there are no water bills in Scotland. Water is part of Council Tax which, if you are a full time student, you can claim exemption from.
  • Due to Dundee's compact city campus, most students live within walking distance of University buildings. If you have classes in Ninewells Hospital you may wish to take a bus.
  • If you are living in University accommodation, or certain private accommodation designed for students, some of your household bills will be included in the rent.

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16 January 2020


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