Research funding and financial support

Financial resources that you may find helpful, including how much funding you may need to finance your degree, how to find funding opportunities, and what to do if you experience financial difficulties

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How much funding will I need?

You may find these guides useful for planning your finances for your time at the University of Dundee.


University of Dundee funding

Browse our funding database for available opportunities.
Postgraduate funding at Dundee Doctoral Training Programmes

Alternative funding resources

You may find the following resources helpful in your search for funding, whether you're looking for a full studentship or top-up funding for a conference or field trip.

The University of Dundee maintains its own alternative funding guide. Please bear in mind that this guide includes funding for undergraduates and taught postgraduate degrees as well as research degrees, so some resources may not be applicable to your chosen degree.

The Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding Online

This resource specialises in alternative sources of funding, such as charities and trusts. You can use the Alternative Guide to find funding opportunities for fees, maintenance and research costs, as well as guidance on preparing a winning grant application for a charity or trust.

Staff and current postgraduate researchers

Register for a free account on the registration page by entering your University of Dundee email address into the first field in the green box, and your username and password will be generated.

Prospective postgraduate researchers

If you have applied for a postgraduate research course at the University of Dundee, email us and we will give you a registration PIN. You can then go to the registration page and sign up for an account in the prospective student section of the green box.


RESEARCHconnect is an online funding database offering thousands of research funding opportunities from local, national, International funders. You can log in to RESEARCHconnect using your University of Dundee username and password, and we've provided some user guides to help you get started.

Financial difficulties

If you are having financial difficulties, please don’t struggle alone - our financial assistance team can help. Contact them to discuss your situation, or visit their webpages for more information.

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