Induction and on-boarding resources

Support and information to make your start at the University a positive one.

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We place great importance on making sure all our new employees have a positive experience when joining the University of Dundee. You will be invited to a University-wide induction session as well as local induction programmes in your School or Directorate.

“The interview process had a very positive impact on my decision to join the University of Dundee. The vision for the Business School was clearly explained, with huge enthusiasm for the future, as well as how I could fit into that vision. It certainly made me feel there was a role for me at Dundee.”

Paul Caulfield, Lecturer, School of Business

Staff Handbook

New employees at the University of Dundee are invited to read through our Staff Handbook.  It will give you some practical information about the University for your first few days in your new role and beyond. In addition to this University level handbook Schools and Directorates will have their own which should be made available to you when you commence your new role.

Health and safety

Safety Services support staff in reducing accidents and work-related ill health to staff, students and visitors. Guidance including staff handbooks, policies, and procedures can be found on their website and Sharepoint pages.

National Insurance number

To have a remunerated position in UK, you need to have a National Insurance (NI) number. To get a NI number, you’ll need to apply online at GOV.UK and prove your identity.

Staff ID Card

In order to obtain your University of Dundee Staff ID card we will require to provide a suitable photograph by email to This should include your ID number, start date and home address in the email. The Enquiry Centre will post your ID card to your home address when it is ready, or you can collect this from the Enquiry Centre during their office hours.


When you join the University as a member of staff you get access to range of IT related software and services. To obtain your login details you should email our IT Help Desk ( and give them your staff ID number (which will have been given to you by the People team). You will then be issued with login details. Alternatively, you can go to the Help4U desk which is situated in the Main Library.

Mandatory Training

There are a number of online training modules that are mandatory for all staff to complete.

Health and Safety

On the left hand menu select ‘organisation’ and the modules will be listed. You will require your IT account login details to be able to access the training modules.

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

You should click the 'forgot password' link and one will be sent to you. You will receive an email about 3 weeks after you have taken up post giving you the link to these modules. You will not have access until you are sent the link.

Cyber Essentials

You will require your IT account login details to enable you to access this training module.

Induction checklist

Your line manager can use this induction checklist to help orientate you into your role, team and the wider University. You can also use this for reference to help you gather information in your early days of employment with the University.