Date of entry

August 2024


We know that your academic experience may be limited on entering this course, and so we tailor your learning and assignments to reflect this.

You are encouraged to reflect on your learning in relation to theory and apply your new knowledge and understanding to your practice at work.

We use a range of teaching approaches such as:

  • interactive online learning
  • telephone and face-to-face tutorials
  • webinars and blogs
  • lectures

For every module there is a face-to-face workshop on campus for those of you who are able to attend. However, we also follow this up with an identical webinar for those who are unable to attend, so that no-one misses out.

There is a large range of online reading materials and targeted reading passages, reducing the need for you to buy or borrow a large number of books.

You will have a personal Adviser of Studies to help you throughout the course.


You may be assessed in the following ways:

  • reflective and critical essays
  • case studies and scenarios
  • audits of practice
  • poster presentations
  • production of a journal article through action research (research conducted through activity)

There is one main assessment per module in the form of a written assignment. You also need to provide evidence of work-based learning.

Word lengths for written assignments range from around 2,000 words at the beginning, increasing throughout the levels to around 3,000 words. Action Research projects will be around 6,000 words.

You may be able to get credits for recognition of prior learning, giving you advanced entry on to this degree course. This may involve a written assignment of around 2,500 words.

Core Modules

These modules are an essential part of your course.

Module code: PD10040 Credits: 20 Semester: Runs across both semesters

Core Modules

These modules are an essential part of your course.

Module code: BA20050 Credits: 20 Semester: Runs across both semesters
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