Light and Matter module (PH12004)

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In this module, you will cover topics which describe different models of light and its interactions with the material world. You will cover an introduction to modern physics, including optics, relativity, and quantum physics. You will be introduced to a wide selection of fundamental physics and real-world applications. 

The module combines workshops, laboratories, and problem classes and is designed for students who wish to specialise in physics at higher levels of study. However, the module is accessible to students with appropriate high school-level mathematics and physics knowledge. 

Topics include: 

  • Refraction, reflection, and interference of light and simple optical instrumentation, all with an appropriately sophisticated level of mathematical language. 

  • The concepts of special relativity relating to space and time and momentum and energy. 

  • Developing an understanding of photons and particles behaving as waves. 

  • Carry out and analyse experiments pertaining to the above concepts making use of appropriate error analysis 

  • Produce formal reports to a professional standard 

  • Understand health and safety risks and complete risk assessments. 


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