Electromagnetism and Circuits module (EG11006)

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Much of modern life is underpinned by a reliance on electricity. In this module students will explore the fundamental concepts that enable us to understand how electric circuits operate and the intimate connection between electrical and magnetic phenomena. Students will develop an understanding of these concepts and the appropriate mathematical and problem solving tools to allow analysis of electrostatic, circuit and electromagnetic induction problems. This course will give students the foundation for study at higher levels in physics and engineering subjects, but will also be of interest to those studying a broader range of courses with an appropriate maths and physics background.

Core contents includes:

  1. properties of electric charge, conductors and insulators, Coulomb’s Law of electrostatic attraction
  2. electric fields, electric dipoles, electric forces
  3. electric potential and potential energy, equipotentials, potential gradients
  4. circuit properties, direct current, capacitance, dielectrics, resistivity, resistance, electromagnetic force, Kirchoff’s Laws, resistive capacitive circuits
  5. magnetic fields, magnetic flux