The overall aim of the Division Population Health and Genomics is to improve population health through our core activities.

The Division of Population Health and Genomics consists of 15 principal investigators and 60 research staff. 

Key research areas

The division focuses on:

  • the epidemiology and genetic epidemiology of common disease (with large programmes on diabetes, infection, and chronic pain)
  • pharmacogenomics (particularly in relation to efficacy and ADRs to commonly used drugs)
  • screening and disease prevention (with a focus on the national bowel screening programme and cancer prevention)
  • quality and safety improvement in healthcare (including multimorbidity, polypharmacy and  complex interventions to improve prescribing)
  • intervention studies (including clinical trials and community based interventions and methods development)
  • health informatics research

We are part of the Health Data Research UK Scottish Site where we lead national work in precision therapeutics using health data linked to bioresources to investigate disease and drug outcomes in order to improve patient care.