Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology (MCDB)

Molecular mechanisms that underpin cellular biology and how these are corrupted in disease states.

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We investigate the molecular mechanisms that underpin cell and tissue biology. This includes the regulation of cell division and how the expression and function of genes and proteins are regulated during differentiation in embryonic and adult tissues. Increasingly, tissue models provide a means of uncovering how these processes are perturbed in human diseases.

To facilitate our research, we have established shared resources for advanced technologies including Microscopy, Human Pluripotent Cell culture, Proteomics, and Data analysis. We find that collaboration is an effective and enjoyable way of working across scales and facilitating the translation of our discoveries.

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Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology Staff listing

Key contacts

Name Role Email
Wendy James Lab Manager
Jane Davidson Lab Manager
Rachel Morris Laboratory Technician
Jessica Blackburn Technician
Cara Anderson Division Secretary

Divisional Representatives and Teams

Name Role Email
Elisenda Raga Gil Postgraduate representative
Anna Fleming Postgraduate representative
Dr Peter Gillespie Postdoctoral researcher representative
Dr Hedda Meijer Postdoctoral researcher representative
Dr Jens Januschke Public Engagement Champion
Dr Kasper Rasmussen Athena SWAN team
Dr Leeanne McGurk Athena SWAN team
Dr Constance Alabert Seminar programme organiser
Professor Kees Weijer Digital strategy representative
Professor Tom Owen-Hughes Digital strategy representative