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We provide light and electron microscopy resources, with a central hub in Life Sciences and facilities in Science and Engineering and on the Ninewells campus.

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The facility has a central hub in the School of Life Sciences, incorporating:

  • light microscopy
  • tissue imaging
  • the Physics and Life Science (PaLS) lab
  • image analysis
  • sample preparation facilities

We have an additional Light Microscopy facility at the Ninewells campus, School of Medicine and our Analytical Electron Microscopy facility is housed in the School of Science and Engineering. All of our technology is accessible by all staff in the University of Dundee on an equal basis. 

The facility is overseen by a cross-School Advisory Steering Group. 


Our histology service supports users in all aspects of sample preparation and provides expert advice, training and practical support in a variety of histological techniques.  As well as conventional paraffin wax histology we can also cut frozen thin and thick sections. 

Light microscopy 

The facility houses a range of advanced fluorescence imaging systems, all are equipped for live cell imaging.  We cover a wide range of applications including multi-wavelength 3D imaging of fixed material, live imaging of cells, tissues and embryos, FRAP, FRET, DNA damage and laser ablation. 

  • Widefield Deconvolution Microscopy (DeltaVision, Nikon and Zeiss) 
  • Laser Scanning Confocal and Multiphoton microscopy (Zeiss and Leica) 
  • Laser Micro- dissection (Zeiss) 
  • Total Internal Reflected Fluorescence Microscopy – TIRF (Nikon) 
  • Spinning Disk (Zeiss and Nikon) 
  • Time Correlated Single Photon Counting Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging – FLIM (Zeiss and Leica) 

Image analysis 

Imaging experiments are quantitative assays, so expertise in computational data analysis is a critical component of the Dundee Imaging Facility’s capabilities.  We have a suite of 7 high performance PCs running a range of commercial and open source software supported by an Image Analyst.  Our Image Analyst supports several complementary software platforms (Fiji/ImageJ, OMERO, Imaris, Volocity, CellProfiler, Zen, LAS X, Nikon Elements,  RStudio) and provides expertise in many different analysis frameworks (including Java, Python, Matlab and R).  Custom tools can be developed where required. 

Electron microscopy 

Our electron microscopes are housed in the School of Science and Engineering (Harris Building) and comprise:  

  • SEM - JEOL 2200FS with EDX 
  • JEOL - 1200 TEM.   

Support is available for complex techniques, including ultramicrotomy, immunogold labelling and x-ray micro analysis.  A full range of sample preparation equipment is available for SEM and TEM

Supporting your research

If you are internal to the University, you can find out more details, including booking information and pricing, on our internal SharePoint site.

If you are an external client and you’d like to find out more about how we can support your research, please get in touch to discuss your project further.

All work with external clients is undertaken in accordance with our standard Terms & Conditions.  

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Name Role
Dr Graeme Ball DIF Specialist
Dr Yongchang Fan DIF Specialist
Ian Newton Senior Technician
Kirsten McLeod Senior Technician
Dr Paul Appleton DIF Manager and Expert

Dr Paul Appleton

Manager of Dundee Imaging Facility

+44 (0)1382 386027