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The University of Dundee is the top university in the UK for developing spinout businesses.

Gateways to Growth Entrepreneurial Impact Report 2023

We take commercially promising research and build companies that enterprise and innovate, creating positive societal, economic and environmental change.

We offer a combination of expertise, skills and facilities to help our spinouts succeed, and connect companies with funding networks and guide them in protecting and enhancing intellectual property.

“This is cutting edge technology, developed in Dundee. Its value is recognised worldwide.”

Professor Andrew Hopkins, Chief Executive, Exscientia

“Ten Bio’s in vitro science and technology offers a reliable and credible alternative to some usage of animal testing and a more accurate testing of products en route to market for both pharma/biotech and cosmetic companies. This is an innovative company with an exciting commercial future.”

Moray Martin, Tricapital chief executive

Our spin-outs

Read about some of our success stories...

Amphista Therapeutics

Developing drugs using ground-breaking targeted protein degradation technology from the laboratory of Professor Alessio Ciulli. It is backed by Advent Life Sciences, one of the leading trans-Atlantic venture capital investors.

Read more about Amphista Therapeutics


STAR-Dundee are an engineering space company focussed on spacecraft onboard data-handling technology. The company delivers a comprehensive range of test and development equipment chip designs and IP cores to the world’s space agencies and international aerospace industry.

Read more about STAR-Dundee

MyWay Digital Health

MyWay Digital Health aims to improve the lives of people living with diabetes through data-driven technology solutions. They do this by supporting clinicians with intelligent, integrated patient management systems for diabetes and by helping patients manage their own condition.

Read more about MyWay Digital Health

Whole Life Consultants

WLC Ltd conduct first-class contract research, solving problems others cannot solve. Drawing on cutting-edge research they offer consultancy in niche markets where they have specialist and highly developed expertise.

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Ubiquigent Limited is a specialist developer and supplier of Drug Discovery Services, high quality Research Tools and Chemistry to the life science research community worldwide.

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Ten Bio Ltd

Advancing in vitro science by providing advanced ex vivo human skin models that closely mimic intact living skin. Their technology offers users a reliable alternative to animal testing and thus a more ethical and economic route to market.

Read more about Ten Bio Ltd


Developing oral therapies that target the various phases of cell cycle control for the treatment of cancer and other serious diseases.

Glencoe Software Ltd

Design and production of software and data storage solutions for biological imaging. Glencoe Software is the commercial arm of the Open Microscopy Environment, a community-led, open source data specification and software development consortium.

In4Derm Ltd

Specialises in the discovery of drugs, which are safe and effective, for the treatment of skin diseases including eczema, non-melanoma skin cancers and orphan skin diseases.

Platinum Informatics

Developing powerful new software solutions for managing complex informatics and multidimensional proteomics scientific datasets in a wide range of laboratory and industrial environments.