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Our broad spectrum of ground-breaking research activity across life sciences, medicine, IT, arts and engineering opens up endless possibilities for commercial development.

By licensing from us you can gain access to advanced technology that can enhance the range and impact of your current offerings. Whether that’s through developing or improving products, processes or services, we can help you to win competitive advantage. We already work with industry leaders such as Ximbio to advance their reagent product offering and unlock their full commercial potential.

“The LESS solution could be easily integrated in the design of future high-intensity proton accelerators; the method is scalable from small samples to kilometre-long beam lines.”

Michael Benedikt, Head of the Future Circular Collider study at CERN

If you have heard about a specific technology through one of our research presentations please get in touch.

If there is an idea that you would like to develop, we can match your needs to our expertise.