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Published on 25 May 2020

MyWay Digital Health aims to improve the lives of people living with diabetes through data-driven technology solutions

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“This service is genuinely unique worldwide, providing records access to an entire national population. With the ongoing investment in online services, Scotland will be in a prime position to support new and emerging models of care.”

Dr Scott Cunningham, Technical Lead for My Diabetes My Way

MyWay Digital Health support clinicians with intelligent, integrated patient management systems for diabetes and by helping patients manage their own condition through innovative and cost-saving data-driven digital health solutions.

The company was established in 2017 by Dr Debbie Wake and Dr Scott Cunningham from the School of Medicine at the University of Dundee.

The focus of the company is to deliver transformative diabetes care globally through low-cost population-based solutions and they do this by providing data-driven knowledge and advice to patients and health-care professionals.  Their flagship product, My Diabetes My Way, is a multi-award winning online self-management platform for people with diabetes, providing resources including clinical information to help patients, friends, family and carers. This patient platform has over 50,000 registrants in NHS Scotland and has been widely implemented in other UK regions such as Manchester Diabetes My Way, Know Diabetes (North West London) and Somerset My Diabetes.

My Diabetes My Way has secured a large number of high-profile awards including International eHealth Prize, Enterprise in Education Award at the Courier Business Awards 2017, and an £80k award from Scottish Edge.

“Patients using MyDiabetes MyWay appear more informed and able to self-manage their diabetes which improves their long-term prospects. It is a great tool that I would recommend without hesitation. We are very lucky in Scotland to have this.”

Dr Deborah Wake, Clinician


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Marketing Manager

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