Software service at HIC

HIC’s Software Service provide bespoke secure data collection systems to support research projects, or an extensive longer-term data collection.

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HIC’s Software Service is a uniquely placed service which combines familiarity and expertise of NHS data with the development of tailored software and data management solutions across both NHS and University networks.

Securely hosted data

HIC can create and securely host:

Study questionnaire data entry forms

  • either web-based or paper-based (or both), with OCR scanning and quality checking of entered data

UK-wide NHS network clinical data collection software

  • to support the creation of clinical systems and valuable disease-specific research data resources
  • allow collaborative data collection across health boards, with local-specific access controls

Multi-centre data collection

  • large scale through web-based software applications
  • on-line feedback report capability

Software Service Case Studies: Patient recruitment

The following steps below demonstrate the event sequence of interactions between the project team and the Software Service team in HIC to discuss and scope project requirements before funding is secured and, when the project is given the go-ahead.
  • What HIC needs from you: allow 4 weeks before grant processing deadline, where applicable

  • What HIC needs from you: copy of the project plan, project requirement details

  • Apply for funding

  • Funding awarded

  • How HIC can help: advise on approvals required/obtain approvals as specified in quotation

  • What HIC needs from you: copies of all approvals for the HIC Project Management System

  • Project completed

Step 1: Pre-award requirements and quotation meeting

For HIC Services support involving the supply of software or a database for data collection, mailing support or data entry only contact our Development Team Lead who will arrange a pre-award requirements meeting to discuss and agree requirements and provide a quotation.

Please allow 4 weeks before any grant processing deadline to meet, assess requirements and for HIC to calculate costs and provide the quotation.

The quotation is cost-recovery only and is calculated on the staff time required to carry out the different required activities, with a contribution to background HIC running costs. The quote may be subject to VAT.

Step 2: Project requirement details for bespoke software and web-based data collection

To enable HIC to understand the project requirements, anticipate what governance approvals may be required and provide an accurate costing, the following details will be required for each service component:

  • project title
  • project aims and purpose
  • detail about what data is to be collected
  • software and database capabilities
  • output reports required
  • network hosting options – e.g. within NHS or University environments
  • user access security requirements
  • data linkage to other data

Step 3: Project start

Once the agreed funding has been awarded/ identified contact our Development Team Lead to hold a Project Start meeting to confirm project details, delivery schedule & project milestones and confirm necessary approvals that will be needed. This is an important meeting to help ensure efficient delivery of HIC’s services to the project.

  • all relevant project staff to attend, in particular the Principal Investigator (PI) leading the project and key staff who will be involved in the project
  • HIC will confirm details of the work specification from the quotation with the project team, to ensure the work is still within the original scope. HIC will produce a Project Initiation Document (PID) providing the agreed details of the work being provided and agreed delivery time-lines
  • a project point-of-contact person at HIC will be appointed for on-going feedback and communication with project staff
  • a communication strategy will be agreed between HIC and the research team to provide feedback at key points identified during the provision of the HIC service
  • a web-based customer portal is under development to allow service users to interact with HIC to report issues and receive feedback at key milestones

Step 4: Governance

  • obtain governance