Research data management platform at HIC

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The RDMP (research data management platform) is a large software suite developed within HIC over more than 3 years which:

  • automates the loading, storage, linkage, and provision of data sets within a Safe Haven for research projects
  • cleans, transforms,  and documents provenance meta-data and domain knowledge to make data sets research ready
  • supports key challenges in academic research such as reproducibility, anonymisation, data history, security and audit
  • allows rapid and reproducible study cohort identification and linkage across data sets

The RDMP allows HIC to provide pre-selected, research-ready data more accurately and rapidly, with improved meta-data. Development of the RDMP is ongoing to further expand its support for new data types such as images and genomic data.

The RDMP has been written in an extensible manner such that it could be used by any research data provision / safe haven service. We are currently looking for academic/technical collaborators from other institutions that provide a similar service and may benefit from this software.


  • The RDMP source code has been made publicly available on under the GNU General Public License v3.0
  • Our research paper (The research data management platform (RDMP): A novel, process driven, open-source tool for the management of longitudinal cohorts of clinical data) describing the system can be found on GigaScience
  • The base repository, including introductory documentation, is on GitHub
  • Watch the walkthrough of the RDMP software video on YouTube
  • The RDMP.Dicom Demonstration video is also on YouTube

Contact us with any queries regarding the software, current projects and the roadmap