HIC Services supports high impact research through the collection and management of high quality data.

We operate a secure Nationally Accredited Safe Haven environment with strong data governance for the provisioning of data to academics and other users to improve healthcare and population health. We also develop bespoke software to support secure data collection, provide recruitment support for clinical trials and manage a data entry service. For further information please contact us or browse our frequently asked questions.

Established over 10 years ago, HIC is recognized as a leader in health data linkage, and one of the first centres to offer a Safe Haven, to enable secure collaborative research using sensitive eHealth data. 

HIC maintains a clinical data repository of eHealth data covering approximately 20% of the Scottish population. Some of our core datasets provide a continuous record extending back 30 years.

The eHealth repository combines routine collected datasets for the Tayside and Fife population and Tayside, with local speciality research, and clinical datasets. All HIC’s clinical datasets are fully indexed and electronically linkable‌.

Our Partners:

The Healthcare Informatics Centre (HIC) is a University of Dundee research support unit within the Tayside Medical Science Centre (TASC) and the Farr Institute and works in collaboration with NHS Tayside and NHS Fife. For more information reagrding our partners click here.


Health Informatics Centre Services:

HIC offers a Trusted Research Environment for research that uses sensitive data. Our facilities encompass a broad range of support services, and experienced staff, dedicated to securely handling sensitive data. Click on the icon below to find out more about our services