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Our studio space

A supportive and inspiring environment atmosphere for art and design students to work and collaborate
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Hands working with a flame and blocks of material


Our workspaces are equipped with gas torches and lamps and have dedicated spaces for enamelling, etching, casting, finishing, hammering and machining

student using the printmaking facilities


The printmaking workshop contains a range of resources to help students experiment with both traditional and modern printmaking techniques

Student working on textiles


In the Print Textiles Workshop there are facilities to coat, expose and subsequently re-claim screens of various sizes and mesh counts

a student working on a project in the workshop


Our wood workshops provides you with the tools you need as a creator

a person in protective gear pouring molten metal into moulds


Our purpose-built foundry is one of only a handful found in UK universities and is used for metal sculptures, furniture, decorative pieces, and many other purposes

Student using a knitting machine in DJCAD


From our fully stocked Yarn Store to our knitting equipment our facilities are extensive and varied

an image of a 3d printer


A digital making facility which is open to all students

a student working in a ceramic head


Students can get access to moulds, rollers, dyes, clays, potter wheels, and other resources.


The Cooper Gallery hosts exhibitions and events

2 brown leather sofas, people sitting and some food on display to buy

Food and drink

Cantina offers a relaxed and sociable environment for eating, drinking, chatting, and having a break from the studio

A column of brightly coloured paper


The shop stocks a wide range of stationary and art and design materials. It is open to all staff and students.