Foundry DJCAD

Our purpose-built foundry is one of only a handful found in UK universities and is used for metal sculptures, furniture, decorative pieces, and many other purposes

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Room 5027

Matthew Building

Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design

Perth Road



City Campus


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It allows you to cast using a number of different materials including aluminium, and bronze.

By pouring molten metals into moulds you can create anything from intricate, detailed pieces to large scale, complex structures.

The facility is run by experienced, friendly and talented technicians who help you create your work in a safe environment. 

Equipment and facilities

  • Morgan Furnace - the Morgan furnace is fired with gas and air, with a top temperature of 1100°C, and a 50kg capacity crucible. The furnace has an overhead hoist for handling the crucible and large moulds.
  • Metals - we use two different metals in the foundry - aluminium and bronze and the finishing of these involve grinding, polishing and patination.
  • Mould Processes - there are a variety of mould processes available including sand-moulding and lost wax casting.  Sandcasting is supported via the wood workshop and uses Oilsand, Greensand, and CO2 sand. You can also use white metal and iron casting mould methods, lost-wax ceramic shell process and silicone moulds/ modelling techniques.