Studio facilities in DJCAD

Our studios provide a supportive and inspiring environment atmosphere for art and design students to work and collaborate

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We have views over the city, the river and the countryside beyond. We appreciate that every artist and designer needs their space and we give you just that. Bright and spacious open plan environments are key to encouraging group discussion, inspiration, interaction, and the sharing of skills.

  • We give you a studio space from the start of your studies.
  • Lifelong friendships are often forged in studios. Your fellow students will be able to critique your projects and offer support when you need it.
  • You'll share studio space with your tutors. They are practising creatives facing the same challenges as you. They'll help and support you and offer you the benefit of their experience.
  • We bring our connections into the studio. This might be health researchers who can help with your app or commercial designers looking for the next creative talent.
  • The creative energy that you'll find in studios will be a constant source of inspiration.