Accommodation: important Information

Damages, inventories, insurance, and other information for students moving into accommodation

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Before accepting a University accommodation offer, students are asked to read and carefully consider the 'Accommodation Licence Agreement' and the 'Accommodation Code of Conduct' which are available on the online booking system and below.

The completed acceptance must be received by the Residences Office before the offer expires (date indicated along with the details of the accommodation offer). The appropriate prepayment must also be made. Once the Residences Office receives these items, the 'Accommodation Licence Agreement' becomes a legally binding contract, which commits the named student to occupation/payment for the full period of the contract.

All students are asked to read and consider the accommodation offer carefully before accepting as it is rarely possible to allow students to change accommodation during the year.

Alternative accommodation request

Unfortunately due to the allocation process, it is simply impractical to create a waiting list for an over-subscribed residence in advance of the session. You may of course decline an offer of Accommodation but the University is not able to guarantee that a further offer will be made. In some years, the Residence Office has been able to consider transfers between residences and if so, this would become apparent during October when a 'Transfer List' would be made available.  An administration charge for transferring applies.

Damages and inventories


Each resident will be provided with an inventory on arrival. The resident should check the inventory and make notes on it of any damage, which is not already stated. The completed inventory must be returned to the site office within 2 days of arrival to avoid liability for any damage not previously recorded.


Residents will be charged for any damage (which is not recorded on the inventory at the start of the Accommodation Agreement period) in their bedroom and a share of non-attributable damages in communal areas of the flat. It is therefore important that residents check the inventory on arrival and note any damage not previously recorded. 

Personal property insurance

All students who live in University-owned or managed accommodation for which they pay residence fees are covered by the Personal Possessions insurance Scheme arranged for them.

From 01 September 2020 insurance cover will be provided by UK & Ireland Insurance (Cover4Insurance) to protect the contents inside your room.

All of our student accommodation comes with this free insurance automatically included.

You don’t need to do anything to activate this cover, but it is important for you to check and ensure that you fully understand the protection provided and whether it is sufficient for your needs. Be aware - the insurance has exclusions, for example, bicycles. You should read the details of the scheme carefully.

Visit Cover4Insurance to:

Electrical equipment

All University-owned and Sanctuary Students owned electrical equipment is checked for safety and will display a sticker indicating when it was last checked.

Students are not permitted to bring into University accommodation any electrical equipment which is electrically unsafe or for which safety cannot be proved. Any portable electrical equipment brought into the residences must have a sealed and factory fitted plug top.


The central heating in the University accommodation is set to ensure that the rooms reach an ambient temperature of 21°C.  The heating times are from 6 am to 10 am, 12 noon to 2 pm and 5 pm to 1 am.


Residents are not permitted to keep pets or animals within or near the residences or any of the grounds belonging to the University

Smoking policy

Residents and their guests are not permitted to smoke in any part of the residential buildings.

Smoking of tobacco is permitted at a reasonable distance away from the buildings on condition that smoke does not reach any internal part of the building including stairwells, passageways and laundry rooms. Cigarette tips must be discarded with care in a suitable receptacle to avoid fire hazards and littering.

There are a number of important documents relating to your tenancy, some are included in the instruction manual folder in your flat, some are available online and are available for viewing at the reception of your residence.

Your Lease Agreement is available to you when you book accommodation online via eVision.

HMO licencing, safety certificates and other information

For electrical and other safety certificates contact Sanctuary Students