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Updated on 30 April 2020

Your data will be used throughout all activities associated with the arrangement management of your contract for accommodation with the University

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How we use your information

Your data will be used throughout all activities associated with the arrangement management of your contract for accommodation with the University. For example, we will use your information provide you with accommodation as agreed; to monitor trends; and to manage the residences throughout the year for the benefit of students and of the University. This may include passing your data to Sanctuary Students (who managed the University's accommodation) or to third-party providers with whom the University has agreements for the provision of accommodation, such as 'The Hub'. Please see below for more information.

Personal data

The data we hold about you is your full name, title, course details, your academic applicant status (once accepted your student status), gender, academic year, University ID number, date of birth; home and term- time addresses, email address (personal and UoD), nationality, fee status, photograph, and telephone numbers (mobile and landline).

We also have access to your nominated emergency contact information, if supplied. That will normally comprise that person's name and contact information and you should inform them that we have access to their personal data for that purpose.

Special categories of personal data

The University may hold any medical or disability information that you choose to disclose to us, further to your application and residence in University accommodation, so that we can meet your requirements.

Data controller

The data controller for your personal information is the University of Dundee. Your data may be processed by the University's nominated agents such as software or service providers.

The University has a 33.3% holding in Dundee Student Villages (DSV), a company limited by guarantee, which operates and maintains University residences. Sanctuary Students provide accommodation management services. The University provides your personal data to Sanctuary Students, further to the day-to-day management of your accommodation requirements (for example, provision of keys, maintenance, security of the building, health and safety etc) who process your personal information for such purposes on behalf of Dundee Student Villages and the University. The University has a data processing agreement in place with Sanctuary Students concerning the protection of your information. Any suppliers that they may use that have access to


your information, for example their security contractor, must be appointed by Sanctuary Students on substantially similar terms to the University's agreement with them.

The University uses Microsoft 365 for day-to-day productivity software (such as email and file storage and sharing). This information is held in the cloud on our suppliers' systems. Both vendors have adopted 'binding corporate rules' in respect of their processing of personal data.

The University records your information within its student records system (SITS). It is also held in 'Room Service' from Kinetic Solutions Limited, the University's accommodation management system, for this purpose. The data held in these systems is on the University's own servers.

Colleagues at Sanctuary Services have access to your data 'Room Service' so that they can manage your accommodation on behalf of the University. They are issued with University credentials (usernames and passwords) for this purpose.

Should demand for accommodation exceed supply, the University will from time to time enter into arrangements with third-party accommodation providers (such as 'The Hub') to secure spaces for students. Should this situation apply to you, we will keep you informed throughout. With your approval, the University will share basic information about you (your forename and family name) with the third-party provider so that spaces can be allocated. We will use Microsoft 365 products to facilitate that sharing. Should you take a place with a third-party accommodation provider, your accommodation agreement will be with them and not the University. You will be subject to their terms and conditions, privacy notices etc. You should make sure that you are happy to accept those terms and conditions (including their use of your personal information) when accepting a place with a third-party provider.

Lawful processing

The University asserts that it will be lawful for it to process your personal information in the exercise of its official authority and/or further to the contract for accommodation (or potential contract upon enquiry) between you and the University. Where limited amounts of your data is passed to a third-party provider, the University will do so on the basis of your consent. If you wish to withdraw that consent, please email and the University will stop sharing your data.

Where you provide the University with special categories of personal data directly, for example so we can make adjustments for disabilities, that processing is further to obligations placed upon the University in the field of social protection law.

Your rights

The University respects your rights and preferences in relation to your data. If you wish to update, access, erase, or limit the use of your information, please let us know by emailing the Residences Officer & Enquiry Centre Manager If you wish to complain about the use of your information please email You may also wish to contact the Information Commissioner's Office.



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