Code of Conduct for University of Dundee Accommodation

Updated on 26 May 2021

This is the code of conduct, which accompanies the University of Dundee offer of accommodation for all residents, with which you must comply.

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You must:

  1. observe the terms and conditions of this Licence Agreement;
  2. follow the instructions of the Manager, the University’s staff and other responsible individuals (e.g. emergency services personnel) when in the pursuance of their duties;
  3. ensure that on your arrival at the Residence, you make yourself familiar with the fire evacuation procedures and that you have located the relevant emergency exits, all of which could save your life;
  4. take appropriate and immediate action if you discover a fire within the Residence;
  5. leave the Residence as soon as the fire alarm sounds;
  6. remember that you are a member of a community and should treat your fellow residents, the Manager and the University’s Residences Staff with consideration and respect at all times;
  7. remember that you are responsible for your behaviour and that of your guests and that you carry a collective responsibility for all the residents of your block or floor and the rest of the Residence;
  8. gain the permission of the Manager before holding a party within the Residence. If such permission is granted, you must comply with any particular conditions laid down by the Manager, or the University and the terms of this Licence Agreement;
  9. allow free access to the Premises to the domestic assistants during their working hours and have the courtesy to ensure that they do not encounter a situation which is likely to cause embarrassment or offence;
  10. allow access to any person authorised by the University (or at the University’s discretion the Manager) who needs access to the Premises. Access is required to assess standards of cleaning, redecoration and repair requirements, other management reasons and for the carrying out of repair and maintenance work and in emergency situations.  Such persons requiring access are: Manager, Janitors, Student Support Worker, Student Support Assistants and the Residences Officers, Employees of the University’s Estates and Buildings, employees of any of the University’s contractors, employees of the local authority Council and Fire Brigade. Except in an emergency access to the Premises will be restricted to normal working hours and will be limited as far as possible to cause the minimum amount of interference possible to Your private and home life. Outwith these hours, access to the Janitors, Student Support Officer, Residences Officer and Residence Management cannot be denied but such access will only take place when there are reasonable grounds to believe that a disturbance is taking place, there are prohibited persons present, the occupants or others are at risk or that the security or good order of the Residence and its residents are at risk;
  11. report to the Manager any damages which have occurred within the Premises or any communal area howsoever caused;
  12. keep clean and tidy the Premises including bedroom (and ensuite facilities, if applicable) you occupy and follow instructions given by the Manager with regards to maintaining a reasonable level of cleanliness. If You or any of your guests create an excessive or unpleasant mess, it is your responsibility to clean it up. Failure to do so may result in  the withdrawal of the communal facility concerned and the employment, at your expense, of contract cleaners to restore the rooms to their original condition;
  13. identify yourself by production of room keys and/or matriculation card when requested by the Manager or any member of the University’s staff within the Residence. This is to safeguard residents from unauthorised individuals gaining access;
  14. ensure that the general security of the Premises and/or the Residences is safeguarded by closing and securing of all doors and windows;
  15. obey the Residence Rules regarding the permitted routes of access to the Premises and/or the Premises and any restrictions on their use at stated times;
  16. return your keys at the end of your Licence agreement;
  17. report to the Manager the necessity for any repairs. You must not instruct or carry out repair work yourself.  In cases  of emergency, but only if the Manager or other resident member of staff is not available, you should report the need for repair to the Campus Security;
  18. Register with a Medical Practitioner in the Dundee area as soon as possible;
  19. report accidents and illness to the Manager;
  20. ensure You have a valid Television Licence if You are using a television set (or watching TV on a PC or laptop via the Freewire TV software) within the Premises, corridor, flat etc. The University or Manager are not responsible for providing a licence and accepts no liability for your failure to obtain an appropriate licence;
  21. inform the Manager if you intend to be away from the Residence for a night or more and leave a contact address and telephone number;
  22. gain permission from the Manager and your flatmates to have overnight guests in your accommodation. This is limited to a maximum of 2 nights. Please note you must be present in the Residence at all times when you have guests or visitors;
  23. comply with the University’s parking regulations. You should note that occupation of a place in the University’s residence does not guarantee a parking place or bicycle storage and that there are no parking spaces for the cars of students (other than registered disabled) at West Park, Belmont or Heathfield.

You must not:

  1. handle any item of safety equipment – fire extinguishers, fire detector heads, fire-alarm trigger points, bells or sounders


  1. smoke in any part of the residence buildings, or allow a guest to do so. Smoking of tobacco is permitted at a reasonable distance away from the buildings on condition that smoke does not reach any internal part of the building including stairwells, passageways and laundry rooms. Cigarette tips must be discarded with care in a suitable receptacle to avoid fire hazard and littering. Use of electronic cigarettes is also not permitted inside any part of the Residences buildings;
  2. obstruct or prevent a fire door from closing;
  3. behave in an anti-social, antagonistic, violent, threatening or abusive manner;
  4. be noisy, disorderly or disruptive;
  5. behave in a manner or use any item which might create a fire hazard or threaten the safety of others. In particular, the use or storage of electrical or other forms of cooking or heating appliance within study bedrooms is not permitted;
  6. bring into University accommodation any electrical equipment which is electrically unsafe or for which safety cannot be proved. Any portable electrical equipment brought into the Residence by You must have a sealed and factory fitted plug;
  7. bring any items of furniture into the Residence unless you have received the Manager’s permission to do so;
  8. keep or use candles or fragrance burners anywhere within the University’s accommodation;
  9. bring any offensive weapon into the Residence or its environs;
  10. use or possess illegal substances in the University’s accommodation. The misuse of drugs is illegal in British law and will be reported immediately to the Police;
  11. give your keys to anyone else at any time;
  12. permit non-residents to use the facilities for which you have paid or allow access to someone who has been barred from entering the Residence;
  13. entertain guests outwith the times stipulated by the Manager except as a pre-arranged overnight guest or as otherwise permitted. Your Residence leaflet which you receive on arrival gives details of permitted hours for guests. Please note that you must be present in the Residence at all times when you have guests or visitors;
  14. indulge in behaviour which is likely to result in damage to Residence property;
  15. install or cause to be installed a telephone or a refrigerator within the Residence without the written permission of the Manager;
  16. install or cause to be installed washing machines, dish washers, tumble or spin dryers, television aerials, satellite dishes or other appliances (so far as not previously excluded) or connections to cable or similar networks within the Premises or the Residence or their surroundings;
  17. consume alcohol in any area of the Residence other than the kitchen or bedrooms;
  18. alter or cause to be altered in any way the structure, decorations, fittings and fixtures of the Residence;
  19. put up posters and pictures other than on the pinboard;
  20. keep any pets or animals within or near the Residence or any of the grounds belonging to the University;
  21. bring a car, bicycle or motorcycle into the Residence or Residence grounds without the permission of the Manager.

Consequences of breaches of Code of Conduct

  1. Future Accommodation Applications – Behaviour which contravenes any of the above can affect your future applications for a place in University accommodation.
  2. Disciplinary Action by the University’s Authorised Disciplinary Officers – In accordance with University’s Discipline Ordinance 40, any of the University’s Authorised Disciplinary Officers (as defined by Ordinance 40) has the right to:
    • warn you, orally or in writing;
    • fine you up to £250;
    • close communal facilities to you and to your fellow residents;
    • authorise, in conjunction with another authorised officer of the University, your expulsion or exclusion from the Residence;
    • in deciding a penalty the University’s Authorised Disciplinary Officers will take into account: how serious or repeated the offence was, its potential effect on the safety of others, whether the offence was immediately admitted, when it occurred, whether the breach may bring the University into disrepute and any other relevant circumstances. Clearly the University’s Authorised Disciplinary Officers are likely to deal heavily with a serious breach or repeated minor breaches.
  3. Powers of the Manager – The Manager has the right to:
    • charge you for the cost of repairing damage;
    • close damaged communal facilities.
  4. Powers of the University’s Residences Office - The University’s Residences Office has the right to:
    • exclude you from the University’s Residences permanently;
    • refuse you alternative accommodation, if you are expelled.
  5. Restrictions on disciplinary powers - The University’s Authorised Disciplinary Officer must not:
    • enter your room without good reason;
    • use undue or excessive physical or verbal disciplinary measures.

You will have the opportunity to deny or admit an alleged breach, before the University’s Authorised Disciplinary Officer decides the appropriate action.

The University of Dundee having its principle office at the Principal’s Office, Perth Road, Dundee, DD1 4HN, a registered Scottish Charity (Charity Number SC015096).


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