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Updated on 15 April 2024

You can apply for University Accommodation once you've firmly accepted your conditional or unconditional course offer as your first choice

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1. Accept your course offer

You can apply for University accommodation once you have firmly accepted your conditional or unconditional course offer from the University as your first choice.

Your second choice is the University of Dundee

You can't apply for accommodation until you know you are definitely coming to Dundee. If you have made us your second/insurance choice, then you will not be able to apply until you have firmly accepted an offer from us.

Deadline for 2024-25

The deadline for submission of applications for undergraduate and postgraduate students is 26 July 2024. There will be a second deadline for students coming through Clearing, which is 23 August 2024.

2. Check your email

We'll email you once you've firmly accepted Dundee. This includes Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Exchange students. You'll then be able to access our online application form and apply for a room.

You will be able to consider a number of options, based on the following preferences:

  • location
  • room type
  • cost

Browse our accommodation options

3. Apply for your room

Top tips for your application:

  • Choose your preferences in the order you want us to consider them. Your first choice on the form is the first choice we look at.
  • Let us know anything you think might help us by choosing from the Flat Preferences on our form. We want to do everything that we can to make your accommodation offer the best we can possibly make it for you!
  • Use the additional notes box to tell us anything that is important for us to know, e.g.
    • if you have any medical/disability requirements (see also Disabled Facilities below)
    • you would like to be matched to the same flat as a friend who is coming to Dundee.

We understand if you want to live with a friend who is also coming to Dundee. Just tell us their name in the additional notes box - and make sure they write your name on their application too! We will do our best to make that happen.

How we choose your room

Guaranteed room

We guarantee you one offer of single student accommodation for your first year of study. This guarantee applies if you are a new full-time student and meet the appropriate deadline. View full terms and conditions.

Disabled facilities

We have some flats that are special adapted for students with disabilities. We can also help by providing any equipment you might need due to a health problem. For example, we can provide special mattresses if you have a diagnosed back condition. We can also give you a countertop fridge for your room if you need to refrigerate medicine.

If your disability might need consideration when we match you to a flat, please contact Disability Services. We'll then be able to research any adjustments you and any helper may need.

Wellbeing and Inclusive Accommodation

please refer to the Wellbeing and Inclusive Accommodation page on our website for further guidance.

4. Accept your accommodation offer

Once you have submitted your application, we will send a confirmation email to your University of Dundee email address. We will also send it to the email address used on your UCAS application.

It will take us up to 3 weeks to respond with an offer of accommodation or further information. Our team will carefully read what you tell us in your application and match you to the best vacancy we can find. Your offer will be for one our sites – we will confirm your flat and room closer to arrival.

When you accept an offer you need to pay an advance rental payment to secure your booking. If your course offer is Conditional, and you fail to meet the conditions, we will refund this payment.

All offers have a reply by date. If you don't accept your offer on time, we will withdraw it. This will be to offer your allocated flat to someone else. So please respond to our offer in plenty time.

For more information about your offer, log back on to eVision/My Applications. Click "Summary of Applications & Offers" at the top of the page.

Once your booking is confirmed, we will allocate you to a specific flat and room. The allocations are usually finalised about one week before arrival and you will then be able to seek out your prospective flatmates through Unibuddy.



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