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You can apply for University Accommodation once you've firmly accepted your conditional or unconditional course offer as your first choice

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1. Accept your course offer

Is Dundee your first choice?

You can apply for University Accommodation (this is normally from April onwards) once you've firmly accepted your conditional or unconditional course offer as your first choice.

Need help accepting your course offer? Contact Admissions at

Is Dundee your second choice?

You can't apply for accommodation until you know that you'll definitely be coming to Dundee. If you've made us your second/insurance choice, then this won't be until you know your grades in August. While we can't always guarantee we'll be able to find you a room, we'll give you lots of information about all the accommodation options available.

Am I guaranteed a room?

We guarantee you one offer of University–arranged accommodation for your first year of study as long as you meet the appropriate deadline. This depends on your fee status:

  • If you are a Scottish or EU Undergraduate or Postgraduate applicant: You must have Firmly accepted an offer of study at Dundee as your first choice, and applied for accommodation before 15 June 2019.
  • If you are a Rest of UK or Overseas Undergraduate or Postgraduate applicant: You must have Firmly accepted an offer of study at Dundee as your first choice, and applied for accommodation before 31 August 2019.

Applications for accommodation are normally open from April onwards. We advise you to apply as soon as possible to maximise the chances of getting your preferred choice.

Missed the deadline?

Apply for accommodation even after the deadline. If we are unable to offer you accommodation, we will give you information about other options.

2. Check your email

Whether you're an Undergraduate, Postgraduate, or Exchange student, we'll email you once you've firmly accepted Dundee. You'll then be able to access our online application form and apply for a room.

You will need to make a number of choices based on the following preferences:

  • the type of course you'll be studying
  • location
  • room type
  • cost

It's a good idea to have a look at your accommodation options before submitting your application online.

3. Apply for your room

We normally open applications for accommodation towards the end of April.

Top tips for your application:

  • Make sure that you choose your preferences in the order you want us to consider them. It might sound obvious, but your first choice on the form is the first choice we look at.
  • Let us know anything you think might help us in the additional notes box such as:
    • if you are into sports or you like to study
    • if you have friends who are also coming to Dundee, please let us know by writing each other’s names in the additional notes box in your application (all of you must do this)

We aim to put you in the best available room with flatmates who share similar interests, or with existing friends.

Once you've submitted your application successfully you will get a confirmation email sent to both your Dundee email and the email account provided in your UCAS application. It will take us up to 15 working days to respond with an offer of accommodation or further information. Once we make a room offer, you will need to accept it and prepay £300 to secure your booking.

Disabled facilities

We have a number of rooms and flats with special adaptations for students with disabilities. If your disability is severe, or if you believe it would affect your ability to live in our flats, please contact Admissions to let them know. We'll then be able to research any adjustments you and any helper may require. You may also want to get in touch with Disability Services to see what other support can be provided.

4. Accepting your room offer

Once we've allocated you a room we'll make you your guaranteed room offer. This can take up to 15 working days as we take a lot of factors into account when we choose a room for you.

Your room offer has a reply by date. If you don't accept your room offer by this date we may withdraw it and offer your room to someone else. Remember that we guarantee one offer of accommodation, so if you're going to be away, or find it difficult to accept in time, please let us know. To find out more details about the room you've been offered, log back on to the Online Residences Service through eVision/My Applications, and click "Summary of Applications & Offers" at the top of the page.

When you accept you'll need to pay a prepayment of £300 to secure your booking. If your course offer is Conditional, and you fail to meet the conditions to come to Dundee, we'll refund your pre-payment.

Can I view the room I have been offered before I move in?

Unfortunately we're not able to offer viewings of individual rooms for various reasons. A visit to an example student flat is included as part of our Open Days and Visit Days.

What can you tell me about my flatmates?

Although we can't tell you anything about your flatmates, we will invite you to join one of our Residences Facebook groups. Once you've accepted your offer, and paid the £300 Advanced Rental Payment, we'll send a confirmation which gives you information on how to join the group for your Residences and Living in Residences.



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