Date of entry

August 2024


We provide you with short recorded online tutorials, followed up with more hands-on workshops. This gives you a rich learning experience and also means you can access materials online whenever it suits you most, including when you are on placements. You will also learn through group tutorials, peer learning, individual study and placements.

The two on-campus modules last for approximately 15 weeks in total, spread out across the academic year. The three school placements last for six weeks each. You start with time on-campus, followed by two study weeks and then your first placement. This format of campus time then placement is repeated twice more. 


Each campus-based module is assessed by a written assignment. 

Each of your three professional practice placements are assessed by both University staff and school partners, based on your performance throughout the placement and tutor observation. 

Core Modules

These modules are an essential part of your course.

Module code: ED41072 Credits: 30 Semester: Semester 1
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