PGDE(P/S) Introduction to Learning and Teaching module (ED41072)

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In this module, students develop knowledge, skills, and understanding in line with the GTCS Standards for Provisional Registration. Students will engage with theories and concepts related to relevant curricular areas, exploring pedagogical approaches that support cognitive, social, emotional and physical wellbeing of all learners. They will develop their understanding of the principal influences on Scottish education through engagement with relevant legislation and guidance. This module aims to:

  • provide students with the ability to access curricular information and draw from appropriate educational literature and policy to inform and sustain their teaching in the relevant stages
  • enable students to engage with the breadth and depth of the main areas of the relevant curriculum, while meeting the differentiated needs of the learners
  • enable the students to understand their wider responsibility in relation to the health and wellbeing of the learners
  • enable the students to critically examine their attitudes and beliefs in terms of professional values and personal commitment