Teaching and assessment

for Art & Design (General Foundation) BA (Hons) / BDes (Hons)

Date of entry

September 2020


Semester 1 focuses on a broad range of topics fundamental to art and design practice, which all students undertake. The second semester allows you to sample a range of subject specific project blocks, which will help you to confirm your second year progression route.

The majority of the teaching and learning takes the form of studio practice, which includes:

  • informal lectures, including introductions to each new project
  • individual one to one advice
  • group discussions, presentations, and project critiques

Staff members have a friendly approach and welcome requests for help and advice.


A formal assessment occurs at the end of Semester 1 and again at the end of Semester 2. You will be asked to submit a portfolio of your work in response to the studio modules. You will also be required to submit one written assignment.

You will be encouraged to evaluate and reflect on your own progress and learning.

You will receive continuous feedback during studio activities, with staff offering advice about the development of your work and ideas. You will be assigned a member of staff as your individual advisor and will have regular meetings with them to support you academically and pastorally.

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