Surf (Sports Union)

Dundee University Surf Club is the place to be whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned pro.

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Our club offers full access to all the equipment and transport you need to get in the sea and catch some waves. Members meet every Thursday evening for socialising shenanigans and throughout the year we have movie nights, quizzes, potluck, and themed parties.  

The club heads to our local spots in St. Andrews and Lunan Bay every time there is swell (on average once a week).   

In September, we head to Newquay for the inter-university BUCS competition where we compete and party with all the university surf clubs in the UK.   

In January, we travel to different countries with great sun and surf conditions for some socialising. This trip always sees our members improve through external coaching and gets everyone relaxed before term starts again.  

In March, we head to Thurso in the North of Scotland. A chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of university and to spend time away from phones and laptops soaking up rural Scotland and some of the best waves in the UK.  

Dundee University Surf Club is a place to surf and make friends while staying safe and having fun.