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The Sports Union hosts a number of events throughout the year.

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Blues and Colours Awards Ceremony

The Blues and Colours Awards Ceremony celebrates the finest in student sport at the University of Dundee, across the country, and recognises achievements by students for their competitive success or club commitments as a volunteer.

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Sports Fair 

Our Sports Fair takes place during Welcome Week and is an opportunity for you to come along and meet all our 45 sports clubs face-to-face. 

It doesn't matter if you are a first-year student or in your final year, the Sports Fair will have something for you. Whether you are a complete beginner or are a sporting pro, we have a range of sports clubs that will add value to your experience at the University of Dundee. 

A sports fair event inside a tent during Welcome Week with leaflets lying on tables set in rows along the tent

Come along to our Sports Fair, register your interest with a few sports clubs, and try out their Give it a Go session over the following weeks.

Give it a Go Sessions 

At the start of each semester, our sport clubs offer Give it a Go sessions, allowing you to try out as many sessions from as many clubs, for free! 

We understand that it can seem daunting to figure out which sport suits you, and this is exactly what the Give it a Go period is for.  

Two people standing outside a tent trying out Lacrosse

Give it a Go is a great opportunity to try something new, meet new people and develop your skills, so why not get involved?

Campus Sport 

Campus Sport is a selection of sporting activities for students by students. It varies in sports from Basketball to Dodgeball and everything in-between, giving students the opportunity to try new things or just have fun for an hour without committing to a whole club. 

It's the ideal way to take a break from the library, get together with friends and get your competitive spirit out. You never know, you may find something that you love doing! 

A person holding a volley ball inside an indoor gym

Campus Sport is designed with fun in mind and no matter your level of skill – enjoyment is guaranteed!

Sports Union Ceilidh 

We host an annual Sports Union Ceilidh that will see you birling and twirling the night away! 

This event brings our Sports Union members together for a night of ceilidh dancing, live music, and amazing raffle prizes, all to raise money for fantastic caused and upcoming Sports Union events. 

Musicians sitting in a semi-circle playing instruments in front of a crowd of people dancing in an indoor gym

If you've never been to a ceilidh, this is something not to be missed! Don't worry about not knowing what to do as the dances are all well explained.


The biggest amateur sporting event in Dundee’s calendar! 

Varsity is our annual event where more than 600 athletes from the Universities of Dundee and Abertay go head-to-head and compete for the coveted Tay Varsity Challenge Trophy. 

The sports involved vary each year, but you can usually expect to see basketball, football, golf, hockey, netball, rugby, tennis, and volleyball. Cheerleading and dance performances also entertain the crowds during half-time shows! 

Most of the contests take palace across venues in and around Dundee. The majority will be held at the University of Dundee’s Riverside grounds and Institute of Sport & Exercise, with golf and athletics matches being held at an external location. 

A group of people running on a football pitch with the football at the feet of a player

Taking part in a football game during the Varsity competition.

Blues and Colours Awards Ceremony 

The Blues and Colours Awards Ceremony celebrates the finest in student sport at the University of Dundee, across the country, and recognises achievements by students for their competitive success or club commitments as a volunteer. Blues and Colours are prestigious awards and are presented to those who attain an exceptionally high standard of performance in their sport. Each club sets its criteria for minimum standard required to achieve a Full Blue, Half Blue or Colour. 

From our athletes competing nationally on the world sporting stage representing Scotland or regionally representing the university, to those who have gone above and beyond in their chosen sport giving that extra time to advance the development of their club 

It is so important to recognise achievement, comradery, and positivity in student sport at the University of Dundee! 

Three people holding their awards at the Blues and Colours Awards Ceremony

Award winners at the Blues and Colours Awards Ceremony

Blues and Colours Sports Ball 

The Blues and Colours Sports Ball is a fantastic event that allows staff and students to round-up the sporting season. Members from all clubs come together to celebrate the successes from the year – you don’t want to miss it! 

The ball usually takes places the evening after the Blues and Colours Awards Ceremony and announces the winners of the remaining awards: Most Progressive Club, Team of the Year, and Club of the Year.

A room full of people sitting at round tables with red balloons floating above them

Celebrating at the Blues and Colours Awards Ceremony