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Welcome to the hub of all student sport at the University of Dundee.

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The Sports Union (SU) is a representative body of the University of Dundee sports clubs and is supported by the elected Student Executive team. The SU staff and student executive aim to provide opportunities for sport & exercise for all its members in such a way as to foster an ethos based on identity and pride within the University. We work alongside the Institute of Sport and Exercise and our office can be found within their facilities; we have an open-door policy so please pop in anytime!

As well as being able to take your pick from the 45 different sports clubs at the SU there are loads of opportunities to take part in sport – even if you’re not an SU member! We have events that run throughout the year to widen access to sport such as Campus Sport, Varsity, and Brave Runner. One of the largest events that the SU help plan, and run is Varsity, where we go head-to-head with Abertay University to complete in various sports and celebrating sport in the Dundee area.

Sports Union Office

Sports Union Executive

Name Title Email
Mia Jennings Vice-President of Sport su-vpsport@dundee.ac.uk
Erin MacInnes Vice-President of Events su-vpevents@dundee.ac.uk
Julie Grant Honorary Secretary su-secretary@dundee.ac.uk
Harry Mendoza Campus Sport campussport@dundee.ac.uk
Emma Morrison Communications & Promotions Officer su-comms&proms@dundee.ac.uk
Jenna Boyd Transport Officer su-transport@dundee.ac.uk
Ewan Cattermole Finance Officer su-finance@dundee.ac.uk