A Tale of Dundee Sport Penguins

Introducing Piper the Penguin – a true mascot for all!

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The incorporation of Piper the Penguin as our emblem and representative has fostered a sense of community and reignites team spirit that transcends the boundaries of our campuses. 

The penguin concept pays homage to Dundee's heritage and has informally served as the University's mascot for several years. Dundee has long been associated with penguins - have you noticed the five penguins at Dundee's Steeple Church? 

This connection traces back to the RRS Discovery situated at Dundee's waterfront. Its inaugural expedition was to the British National Antarctica - the homeland of the penguin! Therefore, we believed it was time to formalise this association, with the penguin embodying the passion, resilience, and inclusivity of our sports teams. 

Depending on the event you attend, you will witness different variations of our brand mark. This versatility was intentionally designed to accommodate all of our 45+ sports clubs. 

Our red and black colours are unmistakable as well. From club kit, to gazebos, banners, and flags – our brand is truly visible across campus!