Handball (Sports Union)

Handball is a sport for everyone, whether you've played before or not.

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Whether you’ve played handball for years or have never heard of the sport before, we’re the club for you! Handball is an exciting and great sport suited for everyone. Only two years after the club’s establishment in 2012, we were awarded Most Progressive Club of the Year, and have been growing in both numbers and spirit ever since. We are classified as an official Scottish Student Sport (SSS) and therefore take part in university tournaments in Scotland, as well as other places in the UK.    

We are proud to welcome a broad mix of players to training each week; ranging from people who are just discovering their new favourite sport to those who’ve been playing passionately for years. Our amazing ex-professional coach will incorporate everyone into training sessions, and every player, no matter their ability will be offered to play games! Both our teams are part of the Scottish Student Sport (SSS) league meaning that there are many games ahead.   

We give our members many opportunities outside of regular league fixtures and friendlies against other clubs. For the last two years we have taken part in tournaments in Belfast alongside teams from around the UK and Ireland and we also held a Beach handball tournament on St Andrews beach in 2022. 

Despite our dedication to the sport itself, we are an incredibly social club off-court. After a successful Friday training, we like to head to our sponsor pub for cheap drinks and free food. Make sure you don’t miss out on our legendary social events hosted throughout the year.   

We hope to see you at training soon! 

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