Dundee Interdisciplinary and Innovation Forum (DIIF)

Dundee Interdisciplinary and Innovation Forum (DIIF) is a University of Dundee forum that aims to increase interdisciplinary working opportunities and research collaborations – both internally and externally with partners and industry.

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Our objectives

The DIIF forum facilitates events throughout the year which are designed to:

  • provide networking environments where introductions can be made and ideas explored
  • encourage and facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations, with the long term view of solving major challenges and creating lasting social and economic impact
  • encourage early intervention of major research challenges
  • explore the funding landscape and prepare researchers for new funding opportunities
  • stimulate new research ideas/approaches
  • support Early Career Researchers

Interdisciplinary solutions to real-world issues

Interdisciplinary research is central to the University Transformation Strategy. It allows us to be joined up in our thinking and to present challenges to solutions that proactively solve a number of real-life problems. DIIF events can be used as a vehicle to encourage and facilitate collaborations and to form new working groups.

How our events work

DIIF events are typically led by a University academic and supported by Research and Innovation Services (RIS). They range from small focussed meetings to regional events with 100+ delegates. Each event is contextualised by a research theme and knowledge and understanding of the funding landscapes for these themes are provided and explored. 

RIS proactively scope for industry collaborations pre and post event and provide additional support with applications and partnerships that arise.