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HORIZON Europe – Missions Overview

Wednesday 26th January 2022

This presentation will be an opportunity to learn more about EU Missions in Horizon Europe with a particular focus on the state of play shortly after the first Missions calls will have been launched. The five current Missions are:

The presentation will also include practical advice on how researchers can get involved in this novel form of funding opportunity, highlighting some of the major changes when compared to the traditional Horizon Europe calls for proposals.

We are delighted to be joined by Mr Błażej Thomas, Senior European Advisor at UKRO.

Since joining the UK Research Office (UKRO) in Brussels in 2013 as a European Advisor, Błażej advises UK universities and research institutes on how to obtain EU funding from Horizon Europe and other EU programmes.

Overview of the European University Association (EUA)

Monday 31 January 2022

This presentation will look at the benefits and services that the University receives as a member of this association which is the largest association of European universities.  It provides a forum for leaders to share expertise through events and peer learning, as well as contribute to Europe-wide studies that benefit individual universities and the sector as a whole.

Christel Vacelet, Director of Communications, Public Affairs and Membership at EUA will join us for this event.  Christel has many years’ experience working in European institutions and not for profit organisations in Brussels.  She supervises the communications strategy of the association, develops public affairs and public relations.

The Principal, Prof Iain Gillespie, who currently sits on the EUAs Research Policy Working Group, will introduce the event and give an overview from the University’s perspective

Education and sustainability, nature-connectedness, wellbeing and the Living Lab

23 February 2022

Presented by Dr Liz Lakin and Kevin Frediani.