Sharing your research

Our research support networks provide guidance and services to extend the reach of your work beyond academia.

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Transforming lives through research means sharing your work in many different ways. We can support you with partnership working, stakeholder engagement, publication and dissemination, to ensure you maximise your research.

Research Impact

Impact can occur in many different forms, from the preservation of cultures or habitat, to changes in law,  from how we manage the soil to the commercialisation of products. For advice and guidance on planning for impact throughout your research, including help with identifying stakeholders and capturing evidence of impact, contact the Research Impact Manager.

Partnering with others is key to maximising the impact of your research, whether through commercial returns or societal benefit. For help on partnership agreements, licensing and commercialisation of research, contact or find out more about working with industry.


To increase the dissemination and reach of your research, keep your Discovery profile and information up to date. For more information about the following contact LLC Research Services.

Open Research and increasing discoverability:

  • Open access publishing
  • Compliance with funder and institutional policies
  • Article Processing Charges (APCs)
  • Creative Commons Licenses
  • DOIs and ISBNs
  • Data management and preservation advice
  • Evidence collection and recording for impact
  • Pure and Discovery
  • Metrics
  • ORCiD
  • Copyright and using other people’s work

Commercialisation of your research

Commercialising the outputs of your research and working with industry can be a way to achieve societal or economic impact. Learn more:

Public engagement

The University was awarded the NCCPE Engage Gold Watermark in 2020, recognising our strategic commitment to public engagement. The Public Engagement Forum and the External Relations team can provide support with:

  • Identifying partners
  • Participation in events
  • Applying for public engagement awards
  • Public engagement strategy

For additional support on policy engagement, including guidance on the identification of and involvement with policy makers and influencers contact the Public Engagement and Major Events team or refer to the University Public Engagement Strategy.


The Marketing and Communications team provide support with press coverage, social media planning and newsletters, as well as the promotion of research and events.