Classical and Quantum Matter and Radiation module (PH22001)

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This is the last module that covers topics from University Physics. This module has two main parts; one covers thermal physics, and the other, a larger part, covers modern physics.  

In addition to learning the theory and application of areas of physics, you will also have an associated experimental laboratory session each week. 

You will learn about heat and temperature, the thermal properties of matter, and the first and second laws of thermodynamics. In the modern physics part, you will further your knowledge of relativity and learn about the major experiments that led to the development of quantum mechanics.     

Topics include: 

  • Relativity, photons, electron waves, the Bohr model of the atom, and uncertainty principles.  

  • A brief introduction to quantum mechanics. 

  • Introduction to condensed matter physics, including energy bands, free-electron model of metals, and semiconductors. 

  • Introduction to nuclear physics, properties of nuclei, nuclear binding and structure, radioactivity and nuclear reactions. 

  • Introduction to fundamental particles, their interactions, particle accelerators, quarks and gluons, and the standard model.