International Marketing Project module (BU52037)

A core independent research module that runs over the summer. Choose from an internship report, a consultancy style report or a literature based report.

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Based on topical issues in your programme, you will apply theory and knowledge from the taught modules to a new situation. You will evaluate literature to reflect on an internship, answer a problem provided by a local firm, or explore a topic provided by the programme leader.

This is a self-directed research based module that runs from May to August.

In January information sessions are held to introduce the three options available for the report.

What you will learn

Option 1 is a literature based report - the programme leader will provide a series of topical issues for you to choose to write about.

In this option, you will:

  • read the academic literature around this topic
  • apply knowledge from your taught modules to show that you can analyse academic papers
  • synthesise information from academic papers and your modules
  • evaluate how this can be applied to a topical issue

Option 2 is a consultancy style report based on a video presentation from a local firm to examining a real problem or issue that this company has.

In this option, you will:

  • use a framework or model from one of your taught modules to develop a solution to the problem
  • review academic literature to explain why you are using the framework
  • provide evidence to support the solution you suggest

Option 3 is an 8-week internship sourced by Pagoda Projects, working in a company on a set project.

In this option, you will:

  • write a report based on the work within this company
  • apply a theory, model or framework from your taught modules in a practical manner
  • be supported with literature in the same way as the other options
  • reflect on what you have learnt to evaluate how well taught knowledge translates into a practical application

Internships are unpaid, but accommodation is provided for those that are not in the UK. Remote internships will be available that will allow you to work remotely from Dundee.

Assignments / assessment

Report (100%)

  • 4,000-6,000 words
  • Due in early August

This module does not have a final exam.

Teaching methods / timetable

This module is self-directed and there is no formal teaching, you will work on your final report independently with compulsory sessions on campus to support you.

If your internship prevents you from being in Dundee in-person then recordings will be made available to support you with your report.


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