International Business Environment module (BU11002)

An introduction to the internal and external environmental aspects that anyone working in business must have in order to succeed in this environment.

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This module is designed as an introduction to internal and external aspects to business, to ensure everyone has the same level of understanding, even if you have had no formal study of business or have studied it at school level.

An introduction to the internal and external environmental aspects that anyone working in business must have in order to succeed in this highly competitive environment.

This module will help you prepare for more complex topics in your future studies.

What you will learn

In this module, you will:

  • discover Management and Entrepreneurial skills
  • understand Organisational Culture, Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management
  • study the wider business environment such as Globalisation, Politics and Capitalism
  • consider the impact of technology and e-business will be covered

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • understand the approaches to business and how they access their sources of finance
  • conduct financial analysis as well as organisational marketing principle
  • study the implications of corporate activity for society and the environment
  • discuss strategy including business strategy formulation
  • debate and report on organisations, the business environment and financial issues.
  • tackle more advanced concepts in future modules

Assignments / assessment

Class test (30%)

  • Held in week 11
  • Test lasts 1 hour
  • Computer based and invigilated

Written exam (70%)

  • Held during December Exam Diet
  • Exam lasts 2 hours
  • Written not computer based, invigilated

Teaching methods / timetable

Each week you will have:

  • 3 one-hour lectures
  • 1 one-hour tutorial
Week Topics covered
1 Organisational structures and their purposes including for profit and not-for-profit organisations
2 Mission and vision, shared values and beliefs

The impact of technology and e-business on the business environment

Strategy - including business strategy formulation


Organisational aspects of business, leadership and entrepreneurship

Skills and characteristics of a successful intrapreneur/entrepreneur

5 Employment and industrial relations including the contribution of Human Resources (HR) to the delivery of the organisation’s strategies
6 Reading week
7 Corporate social and ethical responsibilities of an organisation

Product/service life cycles, quality and continuous improvement

How to prepare a simplified product market analysis including barriers to entry and market segmentation

9 International markets and globalisation, identifying the nature and role of money and capital markets
10 Banks and other financial institutions in their operations and the use of debt markets
11 Revision and class test



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