Research in the Division of Education and Society

We ultimately aim to improve the lives of individuals, groups, and communities through research and a wide range of scholarly activities, in the areas of Education, Social Work, Community Education, and Life Transitions

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We have developed a number of cross-cutting academic research themes, which help us foster rich cross-disciplinary dialogue, form new research clusters, and engage in active scholarship among all of our staff and students.

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The broad theme of practice captures convergent directions of travel across the different discipline areas within the School. All disciplines are concerned with professional practice.

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Pedagogy here refers to the study of the nature of teaching, including a study of principles, methods, strategies, and approaches used to teach.

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Educational and Life Transitions (E&LT)

male student with two primary school girls, building something out of cardboard

The Educational and Life Transitions (E&LT) theme has been focusing on transition across the life course, especially those linked to educational transitions (but by no means exclusive to education).

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Peripheries ruptures dominant western approaches to research in its turn to the periphery (sometimes but not exclusively, referred to as the majority world, global South, marginal, disabled, incarcerated, banished, subaltern or displaced persons – and territories).

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